auntypoppy asked: Hello, Magnesium Man. I have some symptoms of Mg deficiency. I One symptom is that I get leg cramps at night or early morning if I had eaten chocolate during the day (not even a huge amount; I normally eat a good diet). Now, you say that chocolate has a lot of Mg. My understanding is that chocolate contains phytic acid, which sucks minerals out of your body. Do you have any opinion on this?

Raw Cacao is a very high source of Maggie (& other minerals, Copper, etc). But when it gets converted into Cocoa (note the different spelling…) the mineral content drops. Yes, phytic acid is a factor, but more so in a Mg deficient body… ;-)


drwalcott asked: I am confused! What is the best form of Magnesium to take? You recommend a tablet form from Jigsaw and Ancient Minerals website says that oral forms are very poorly absorbed and Magnesium Oil and Flakes are better absorbed. is this just marketing or is it true? Then there is Natural Calm which further confuses the matter. Help!!!

I understand the confusion… Pls read this:
Mg suppliers love to shot each other in the foot & pee in each others mess tent & ignore the true competition: Calcium & Rx meds… Btw, it’s hard to get a therapeutic dose of Calm & not spend the rest of the day on the loo…


bonnie-cauley asked: Hi Morley, I just sent away for the Hair, Tissue and Mineral analysis. Look forward to discussing the results with you. I'm already taking Mg glycinate, built up from 1/32 tsp to 1/4 tsp now. Has all but stopped the bladder spasms related to my interstitial cystisis. Also taking B6. Positive results so far, am looking for a little more refinement in my regime. I think I need to add Zn and Mo. Be Well. Bonnie

Thanks for your note & your recent order… I look fwd to our exchange & working together in the coming weeks!


mintchill asked: Can I reuse the Epsom salts bath water for a second bath?

I don’t know why not… But you might check w/


sfserano asked: Hi Morley! I've listened to on Sean's show Underground Wellness, I think you both are great and well informed. I've learned a lot, it wasn't until I listened to the show that I realized how many different types of magnesium there was! and then it really was confusing, so my question becomes... Which magnesium do you recommend? Malate, glycinate, or..... Btw , my calcium , Vit D, and sodium are low, mg is 2.0 Best, Serano Wilson

Thanks for your kind words…
Pls read these:

You need better & more complete blood testing & you need Mo’ Maggie!…


at095 asked: Hello! Congratulations for your very helpful Website! My question is the following: I have read that in order to efficiently supplement with magnesium, you recommend to your clients to "stop taking calcium as well as vitamin D". I understand that calcium may be a problem, nevertheless why limit the vitamin D? Thank you! Grace

Pls read my blog on this:

You are working w/ very incomplete knowledge about Hormone-D & where your Calcium level is…

A votre sante!


loctite333-deactivated20140327 asked: Hey Mr Morley, what do you think of a moderate to high serum calcium level (10.5) and very low vitamin D 25-OH (17ng/ml). Vitamin D should be high if the calcium is high ! PTH is 47. And correlations between this calcium and vitamin D imbalance with Magnesium ? Thank you !

You’re missing two very important markers: Mag RBC & 1,25(OH)2 D3. My guess is your Mag is


civi68 asked: Morley, thanks for your work. You, Mark Sircus, and Dr. Dean helped me address my vitamin D deficiency. I have been taking 180 mg of magnesium chloride spray since December and for the past two months can now tolerate 1000 IU of vitamin D (can't get beyond that without getting sick if I take more Mag and D). Before that, I couldn't take 400 IU without experiencing magnesium deficiency symptoms and spent a year of fatigue and sickness. Thanks! Mike

Pls read & act on this blog:

Very likely you DON’T need all that “D!”

It’s a Hormone — not nutritional candy, & not the panacea it’s made out to be…



sfserano asked: Hi Morley! Although my "labs" show I have a sufficient amount of mg. I feel my requires more, I have developed Perifhal Neuropathy which is more than painful, my feet & legs are really bad the last wk. which type of mg. do u think would be best for the nerves that limit my movement?? Thank you!! Serano

Pls share the actual labs & then I can comment… Thanks!


56bark98 asked: Dear Mg Man I have a question regarding taking a chelated Mg. I have Lyme disease, been symptom free for a while (read 6 relapses confirmed with Weatern Bloot method). After two weeks of taking Glycinate 2 tablets (Pure) in the morning and 2 tablets of Malate (jigsaw) in the evening I have developed a very much Lyme like headache. Could it be the chelation process (metal removal) that is causing the headache or is the Mg awaking the L-shaped spirochetes much like too much Zink can? Thank you

Your best bet is to reach out to
She is well versed in Lyme (which I’m not…) & knows the importance of Mg…