demolitionjan asked: Is there anywhere in the UK to get an RBC magnesium test done?


patty7373 asked: Hi would you please share what you eat in a typical day?

Breakfast: 2-3 yard eggs, bacon, & butter transport (Ezekiel toast/grits/buckwheat cakes)
Lunch: Salad greens w/ canned fish in Olive Oil or braised beef w/ Sweet Potatoes smothered w/ Sour Cream…
Dinner: Tons of variety: stews, gumbo, lamb, beef, homegrown root veggies
Desert: Licorice or 90% Cacao…

Hope that helps… (Now I’m hungry!…)


rlrett1 asked: Did you ever hear of taking msm with magnesium for better absorption?It works for me.

Yes, it’s quite effective! Ancient Minerals has a form that is wildly popular…


billmn asked: Morley, thanks for all your help. I have 1 more question then I'll get out of your hair. As I mentioned I take 125mg/4x/day of mag taurate but my stools are loose at this dose. This does not seem like a high dose, could lack of other supplements cause this? Daily fiber consumption is high. Thanks again.

Sorry for the gap… Too many spinning dishes!
Please take a gander here:
I’m a firm believer in the “full-court” press… For some reason you’re reacting to THIS form of Mg — there are ~25 different forms. You may need to focus on transdermal, water & footsoaks for your Mg needs…
A votre sante!


roll81it asked: Awesome website! Thank you! I'm 32 years old. RBC = 4.3. Been taking 2 Jigsaw pills twice a day for 2 weeks but getting diarrhea. Any suggestions? Started oil footbaths 5 days ago. When applying oil behind the knees, arms & under arms, do you suggest diluting it with H20? I want to start the ES baths. You say 1 CUP ES w/ Arm & Hammer. Would 2 or 3 CUPS ES be better? Or is that over-doing it? Was limited on how much I could type. Can I email you? Thank you in advance. You're very kind. ; ) -Sean

I’m guessing you know you’re below the 1962 Reference Range (5.0-7.0mg/dL). I commend your efforts to restore & am bummed & puzzled by the diarrhea…
Yes, please reach out:
847.922.8061 (M)
A votre sante!


dsi7840 asked: Morley - Is the hair mineral analysis magnesium testing as important as getting your magnesium levels tested? Which lab do you use for the hair mineral analysis?

Ideally, I do both. Both ARL (Analytical Research Labs) and TEI (Trace Elements, Inc) do not wash the hair samples which is important. We have accounts with both, but do the bulk of our testing with TEI.


civi68 asked: Morley, Thanks for responding. You said that vitamin D deficiency is actually a Mg deficiency. So, do I need to worry about taking D beyond 400 IU and risking side effects or just stick with 400 IU and follow your Mg recommendations/Mg testing? My vitamin D level is 18. I also suspect I needed more Mg since after one week of even taking 250 Mg oxide, I have less headaches, muscle twitches, and am less thirsty. I ordered some glycinate.

Please get a Mag RBC ( and see where your metabolic mineral is INSIDE your red blood cells. Very important # to know.
The link above gives multiple ways to bring Maggie back into your body. Don’t just focus on one.
As for the “D,” make sure that you are eating good, clean sources of Cholesterol (free-range eggs, grass-fed butter, etc.) and get plenty of sunshine. The conversion WILL take place when the body is properly fed… Given the above, no need to take mega-doses of “D.”


civi68 asked: Morley, I saw your video on you-tube about magnesium. I have a vitamin D deficiency. When I take over 400 IU of vitamin D through food or supplements I get rapid heartbeat and nausea. I read and saw on the video that it may be due to low magnesium. My level is 2.0 which was in the normal range. I started taking magnesium oxide. How long until I should try taking more vitamin D? Do you know if people have this problem even with good magnesium levels? I don't have this problem when I get sun.


A “vitamin-D” deficiency is actually a Mg deficiency. (There are three metabolic steps to go from sunshine/food-based Vit-D » Storage form of Vit-D » Active form of Vit-D — ALL of which require Mg to complete.)

A Mg of 2.0 implies a serum Mg test which is an unacceptable blood test to measure Mg as 99+% is found INSIDE the cell, not in the serum. Please get a Mag RBC blood test and assess the true Mg status. This is easily ordered at

Finally, Mg Oxide is the LEAST bio-available form of Mg. I would strongly recommend you obtain either Mg Malate from JigsawHealth or Mg Glycinate from PURE Encapsulations. You want to be taking 5X your body weight in mgs of Mg (e.g. a 100-lb person would take 500 mgs of Mg daily)

The reason for the rapid heartbeat (tachycardia) is caused by the continued use of synthetic Vit-D which CAUSES Potassium loss in the cell and leads to arrhythmias. I would strongly suggest you STOP the “D” until you get your Mg RBC blood test. If your RBC result is 6.5mg/dL or higher, then you are OK to take the D.

(Btw, I’m aware of only one client who’s RBC was over 6.5… It is a rarity in these days of processed foods, environmental toxins and excess Rx meds — all of which deplete the body of Mg.)

Hope that helps… If not, please ask away…

A votre sante!


tarah0519 asked: Hi Morley. Been battling chronic illness since I was a kid, was dx'd with Crohn's at 13 (44 now). I've gone through several abdominal surgeries, the last for an ileostomy. With that, I have no colon, just a small intestine that is severely leaky. I tolerate only three foods, and cannot tolerate typical "healing" approaches such as probiotics, fermented foods, L-glut, etc. I also have SNPs that affect what supps I can take and what I can't. What's the best course of action for me? Thx!


A good starting point is to get your Mag RBC blood test. Anything <6.0mg/dL is a Mg deficiency.

I would use transdermal Mg (MgCl oil or Mg MSM) and use a homeopathic form: Mag Phos. Ideally, you should be getting 5X your body weight in mgs of Mg/day. (e.g. a 100 lb person would take 500 mgs of Mg). That formula is BEFORE significant chronic issues, so you will likely need more…

Please keep me posted on your progress.

A votre sante!


letsfindtheanswer asked: Hi, I just came to your blog while searching the Internet for Iodized Magnesium Test. Have you heard of this test?

Dear lets…

It’s called the “Ionized” Electrolyte Test and is found in <140 hospitals in the country, despite their being 5,500 hospitals. The manufacturer has agreed to provide these locations on a case-by-case basis, so if you would drop me note with your location, I will contact the folks at NOVA Biomedical and assess the closest location.